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My name is Jörn Hendrik Ast and I founded New Work Heroes 2018. The big transformative purpose of my life is how to make good work possible for all of us. I am focused on new forms of teamwork, on a modern concept of leadership and, above all, on how we as humans can fully develop our competencies and self efficacy. Over the past ten years, this has led me to write two books and create learning journeys, I have accompanied hundreds of coachees, produced 80 podcast episodes and developed the New Work Heroes Careerhero Typology. The New Work Heroes are here to send you on your individual career journey so that something changes for you. Stoked to have you here, what are you going to start with?

New Work Heroes History

02/2023 Relaunch of the New Work Heroes services

+50 blogposts with coaching content and exercises

01/2021 Launch of the self-learning course New Work Adventure

+5,000 participants for the career test of the New Work Heroes typology to date.

12/2018 Publication: New Work Heroes - Arbeitsbuch für Karrierehelden

+80 Podcast episodes of the New Work Heroes Podcast with solo episodes and interviews.

12/2016 Publication: Superhero Journal with Crowdfunding Campaign

Solutions for New Work:

What we offer


Our offers for teams, whole departments or companies. No matter whether startup, medium-sized company or corporation. We develop coachings from single workshops to programs of several months together with you.


Powerful coachings in personal sessions, in retreats with a group, or as a self-learning experience with our books and online coaching programs.

Our process:

the four parts of the hero's journey

At the beginning stands the question of uncertainty and doubt. Are New Work Heroes ready for the challenges that await them on the transformation journey? What can doubts teach them?
In order to master changes in structure, working methods and leadership, adaptability is required. The motivation for this comes from the recognition of their own self-efficacy.
Inner dialogues often keep us from mastering the next steps. It's the internal fights and the struggling with decisions,
that want to be made visible. Transformational resilience emerges from this.
The conclusion is the „denouement", the untying of the last knots. Here we bring together methodological expertise and proven resilience. This is how our New Work Heroes become masters of two worlds.

Our Values:

What is important to us


For the global brand with the three stripes, the New Work Heroes support the group's own Agile Maturity Program.

Since November 2019, Jörn Hendrik has been supporting the product teams from the Customer Experience & Commerce division in Herzogenaurach and Gurgaon for the Group's Future of IT project.


Working with students at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

In 2016-2020, the New Work Heroes prepared first-year students for the workplace of the future. With a four-part workshop, several exercises and plenty of time for personal exchange, the students got to know themselves and each other better.


Connecting Coworking Space Owners from Europe

For this special gathering of over 30 European Creative Hub Managers under the auspices of the British Council, we designed a three-day workshop in 2017 and created our own learning journey.


Design Thinking Workshop in Hamburg

For the aerospace company based in the north, we supported an ideation workshop for their new headquarters in Hamburg.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch and get more guidance.