The New Work Heroes Workbook: The roadmap to your personal career heroes journey Start today!

Is the book for me?
Discover your career superpowers with the New Work Heroes Workbook. You're not happy with what you do for a living? You want more success for your career? Don't worry, because inside you is a New Work Hero. Discover your career superpower with the New Work Heroes Workbook.
What can I expect?
This 100-page book consists of two parts, 7 chapters, access to the digital career hero test, 2 inspiring exercises and an extensive glossary and appendix. It is printed on high quality 130g paper, processed with a sewn adhesive binding with 300g cover for good handling. In the chapter on coaching with the career hero typology you get tips from five years of coaching experience and the empirical study summarizes results with over 2,000 participants of the career test into four exciting hypotheses.


Why is this book different?
With this book you get access to the online test of the careerhero typology. After evaluating 40 questions, you will get a detailed overview of the 16 results. With the fold-out in the book cover, the exercises and the detailed explanation of the 16 career types, you can analyze your career aspirations in detail. The spider diagram from chapter 7 provides the perfect overview.
What can I achieve with the book?
If you have questions about your professional future, want to reorient yourself or want to start your own business, the New Work Heroes workbook for career heroes can help you. The holistic method of the career hero typology can be used by all readers and provides a comprehensive theory for the field of New Work, which is professionally supported by coaching tips and empirical research.

Pages full of career tips and information on New Work

Chapters take you on your career hero journey

Unique test to discover and promote your career potential.

Already the unpacking of the book package was a joy. Spoiler alarm: The stickers were awesome. The book and the online test helped me. I finally understand why I go crazy when I have nothing to do. Of all the tests I have done in the past, this one is certainly one of my top 2%.

- Maria-

If you are looking for a professional (re)orientation and are not sure if the path is right for you, then read the books of the New Work Heroes, maybe this will help you to find out your strengths and preferences.

- Monika -

Preview Workbook

This is what you can expect in the book:

  • The complete careerhero test
  • Two inspiring exercises
  • A chapter on coaching work
  • 4 Hypotheses from the empirical study
  • Detailed explanation of the career hero typology