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Hello. We are the New Work Heroes and this is the place to be if you want to find out what are your career superpowers. With our publications, such as the Arbeitsbuch für Karrierehelden, we give you insight into the career hero typology we have developed. And with our digital learning journeys, like the the New Work Adventure, you start your very own heroes journey. Look around.

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Take the career test

How do we turn a job into the kind of work that full fills us and makes us happy? How do we really get happy? These are questions we've asked ourselves a lot and are now helping people like you get off the rat race. The career test is the foundation of our many years of work.

This free test gives you a first insight into the working method of the New Work Heroes, the careerhero typology.

Find your own answer:

New Work Heroes Arbeitsbuch

With this 2018 german publication, we give you a roadmap to your personal career hero journey. The careerhero typology is available in english also.

This is what you can expect in the book:

  • The complete careerhero test
  • Two inspiring exercises
  • A chapter on coaching work
  • 4 Hypotheses from the empirical study
  • Detailed explanation of the career hero typology

A complete career course:

New Work Adventure

You are standing at a crossroads. Something doesn't feel right at work, in your studies, or with your business. You are looking for a new purpose in life? But you have no idea how to proceed and what really interests you? Welcome to the career course that will help you achieve your goals.


  • With this subscription you get access to a four-month career course
  • Every month that you pay the fee, you can access new unlocked exercises, the career test, assignments and of course the online videos.
  • Even after the four months, the content remains available to you. The tasks are explained in detail in articles. You can download these as PDFs and pull them out again and again for you and your career steps.