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Behind this career test is the New Work Heroes Career Hero Typology with a total of 16 types for holistic orientation in the workplace of the future.

This free test gives you a first insight into the New Work Heroes' working method and consists of 20 statements to be evaluated and one of four possible results.

How do we turn a job into the kind of work that full fills us and makes us happy? How do we really get happy? We ask ourselves these questions every day. Helping people get off the hamster wheel - is what we do.

It is time to recognize your own strengths and come into self-efficacy. Let's discover your career superpowers!

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Why should I take the test?
Discover your career superpowers with the New Work Heroes Career Test. You're not happy with what you do for a living? You wish yourself more success for your career? Don't worry, inside you is a New Work Hero. Discover your career power with the New Work Heroes Career Test.
What can I expect?
After the evaluation of 20 statements with a scale from 1 (Don't agree) to 6 (totally agree), you can have the result sent to you by e-mail. This short test shows you which career hero family you belong to. Are you an Entrepreneur, Maker, Fighter or are you a Helper?
What are the objectives of this test?
The New Work Heroes Career Test is a competency-based test that takes into account your professional preferences and desires. It's about showing you your professional strengths and presenting them to you in the unique approach of the Career Hero Typology. In each and every one of us there is a Career Hero, find your type!
What is unique about this test?
Based on the New Work Heroes Career Hero Typology, this short test gives you an insight into the work of the New Work Heroes. We have developed the career hero typology for orientation at the workplace of the future. For five years now thousands of people have taken the test, we have even done empirical research with the test results and developed hypotheses for New Work. There are a total of four career hero families and four work dimensions from which 16 different types emerge. With this test you get a first insight, for the whole Career Hero Typology buy the Workbook for Career Heroes.

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    1 = Does not apply to me at all 6 = Applies to me completely
    1 = Does not apply to me at all 6 = Applies to me completely
    1 = Does not apply to me at all 6 = Applies to me completely
    1 = Does not apply to me at all 6 = Applies to me completely

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