Two days. A Workshop
to help you
to discover your career superpowers.


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New times require courageous measures. You only have one life - take the freedom to make the best of it. Recognize your potential and use it optimally. It will not be easy - change requires courage, endurance and strength. Sounds like work? Good, because the New Work Heroes have prepared something for you:

Two powerful days full of proven methods and tools to help you create your new self. Because you deserve to wake up every morning with a smile and the desire to go to work. Do the thing you love that truly reflects who you are. Are you ready? Then let's get to work.

Dates: to come

New dates will be announced soon

Is the workshop for me?

When you say, "I want to be self-actualizing in my job, to contribute my ideas and not just work for the client and the company." - but you feel trapped and don't know how to get out of this situation on your own? You say, "I care about a sustainable work schedule, I want to be able to put all my energy into it and still be there for my family." - but you lack the power to express your inner voice? Then it is exactly your workshop!

What can I expect?

The New Work Heroes career workshop takes place over two days that build on each other. We are in a dreamlike light-flooded location in the middle of the Elbe in Hamburg-Rothenburgsort.

What are the workshop goals?

Discover your inner career superpowers with the New Work Heroes career hero typology and gain clarity about your goals. Follow a four-part strategy that has been tried and tested many times and will help you make a real difference in your career. Experience a strengthening of your self-efficacy and take an important step towards change for the better.

What makes this workshop special?

For the accompanying work before and after the workshop there is the New Work Journal with access to the career hero typology. You are not alone with your problems; during the two days you can grow and learn in the protected space of a group of motivated participants and together.

With his creative energy, his reframing competence and his extensive personal experience, Jörn Hendrik has helped me to recognize my personal potential. Through his workshop I have managed to cross the Rubicon and finally make sustainable decisions that I have long struggled with. It is noticeable that he is passionate about his work and this has an effect on the training. I would recommend Jörn Hendrik at any time and feel it is an enrichment to know him now in my network!

- Jennifer, To-Do-List Defeater & Essence Development Assistant

I have never before participated in a workshop that was so intense, inspiring and helpful. What impressed me the most is that Jörn Hendrik managed to accompany every single participant over the two days so intensively and personally that really everyone got something out of it for themselves. This is huge!

- Ann-Kristin, Solopreneur -

You might discover that you are wasting your life with things that do not make you happy. You will be able to put in a nutshell what your professional goal is.

- Horst-Peter, Project Lead Agile Coaching -

It helps! Just do it!

- Joana, Project Manager -

I recommend this workshop to those who are unclear about their career path, who should uncover their hidden powers and could achieve much more than they think.

- Markus, Senior UI Engineer -

It's a training that really pushes you forward. It's a lot of fun, the career hero typology is really funny and prevents it from getting too serious. We have laughed a lot the last days. The New Work Heroes start exactly where it hurts, on yourself.

- Katarina, Press and public relations work -


Meet your Coach

My name is Jörn Hendrik Ast and I am the managing director of New Work Heroes and your host. My life goal is working on tangible methods and solutions for the workplace of the future. I am interested in new forms of team collaboration and, above all, how we as individuals can develop our competencies. I am very happy to welcome you to the New Work Heroes Career Workshop!

Dates: to come

New dates will be announced soon