Welcome to your Founders Coaching

Is this coaching for you?

You say: "I finally want to go live with my idea! " - but you're not 100% sure it really is the right idea? How do you get clarity and how do you build an MVP to test your founding idea?
You have the motivation and the strength to found, but you just don't have the experience of the overall process? How will the market react to your business idea? Are you going to win your first customers?
You have so many ideas what you could do with your business idea, but you lack the "how" and a solid plan for the right first step?

Part 1: Found

Estimate the impact of your business idea

How do you combine market relevance and your own interest into a good business idea? When is it worth starting with a business idea? When is your idea "ripe" and ready for the market?
What you learn: the tools
Hero Story Canvas: Align your superpowers with an idea for your enterprise

P.L.A.N.-Liste: Use a smart research tool to develop your business idea that solves real customer problems and pain points.

Part 2: Pitch

Create your perfect Pitchdeck

What are the different ways to implement your new service/product? What to measure and how to create the right solutions? How do you create a kick ass pitch for your business ? And what are the basics of a good pitch and what does the perfect pitch deck look like?
What you learn: the tools
15 Word Sentence: Get to the heart of your business idea with an elevator pitch!

FAB-Sentences: Formulate the core of your new product and bring together facts, advantages and benefits.

Lean Canvas: Bring all the parts you have worked out together to the blueprint of your enterprise on only one page.

10 Slide Hero Pitch: The only pitch presentation you will ever need. This is also the basis of your landing page.

Part 3: Launch

Finances, acquisition, sales

How do you balance income, financing needs and expenses correctly? How do you acquire your customers correctly? What are the differences between classic sales and online marketing for customer acquisition?
What you learn: the tools
Sales Funnel Logic: From customer research to win a the deal, organize your sales channels in a funnel logic.

Acquisition Cost Calculation: quickly, easily and precisely you create your financial plan.

Online Marketing Funnel: From landing pages and selling your services/products online, learn to master the different funnels of your business.

Testimonials from happy customers:

Through the Founder Coaching with Jörn Hendrik Ast, I was able to bring my consulting offer to the point in a very short time so that I feel absolutely safe at customer presentations. As an experienced entrepreneur and sales professional, he has developed tools that have enabled me to formulate my products in a crystal-clear way and to present them convincingly. I had a good business idea and absolute passion for my subject - but it was only through Jörn Hendrik's coaching that I developed the missing strategy to pour it into a truly profitable business model. I was able to benefit enormously from his years of experience as a founder as well as from his appreciative way of coaching. I am looking forward to the further cooperation and can recommend the Founder Coaching without reservation!

- Teresa, getremote.de

Startups and Founders we helped:


Meet your Coach

My name is Jörn Hendrik Ast and I am the founder and managing director of New Work Heroes GmbH. As a Solopreneur and Coach I have helped hundreds of startups polish their business canvas and pitch presentations in several accelerator programs from Bremen to Berlin. It is not my intention that the business idea only looks good, but that products and services are created that help customers and can survive in the market. My heart beats for how we as human beings can develop our competencies and effectiveness in order to be truly satisfied with our career. I am very happy to welcome you to New Work Heroes Founders Coaching!

Is the Founder Coaching for me?
It is so difficult as a Founder to evaluate one's own idea, to really reflect neutrally or to decide when a pivot (adaptation of the business model) is necessary. This is exactly the kind of support you get in New Work Heroes Founders Coaching. And even before that, the support can help you to finalize your business idea.
What exactly am I going to learn?
Jörn Hendrik gives you access to the complete founder cycle from the idea to the start of your business in the usual New Work Heroes quality. With a total of three parts and nine tools, you can name exactly for which customer group you are developing which product and which service after the Founders Coaching. It's about developing, verifying, refining and launching your business idea. In addition, Jörn Hendrik has a wealth of knowledge from over 10 years of founding experience and coaching with +150 Startups.
What training materials are available?
New Work Heroes Founders Coaching offers three 90-minute video coaching sessions. You get the three recorded zoom video calls to watch again and access the nine exercises for download (Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations etc.).