individual coaching

Get help and reach your goals

Let me guide you to your very own solution.

During the individual coaching you get the undivided attention of Jörn Hendrik. Take the chance with an experienced coach to shed light on the external perspective of your individual questions. In 60 minutes there is enough time for your issues, so blockages can be released and you receive valuable advice that will help you move forward.

The Coaching process:

What you can expect


You bring the coaching content and I use a question about a problem or situation you want to change as a starting point for the work. The following coaching purposes are frequently booked: career decisions, mediation, crisis recovery, and personal mentoring.


With my experience of 15 years as an organizational developer, entrepreneur and coach, I combine a wide variety of methods. From agile tools like Scrum and LeSS, to Service Design and Design Thinking, and of course Lean Startup. But my most important method is using my intuition.


  • Make clear decisions
  • Recognize your career strengths and self-efficacy
  • Dissolve blockades and doubts
  • Formulate your goals clearly and concisely
  • Resolve conflicts - pragmatically and goal-oriented

One coaching session remote or on-site in Berlin, costs 230€ plus VAT.

Shall we start?

"After more than 10 years of successful freelancing, I needed an external profile sharpening and Jörn Hendrik helped me perfectly. Goal-oriented, professional and empathic."

– Marc Nikoleit, Performance artist and digital publicist

"Thanks to New Work Heroes, it has become much clearer to me what is important and crucial for me and my professional future. With the input and inspiration from the podcast, workbook and coaching, I was able to clarify all my unanswered questions through deep discussion and determine the way forward. Out of old thought patterns and hello future. Thank you Jörn Hendrik. The coaching sessions and discussions with you were a lot of fun and definitely moved me forward 🙂 hope we work together again soon."

– Fanny Eynöthen, Digital Transfomation Manager, 55Birchstreet GmbH –

'Jörn Hendrik helped me with his creative energy, his reframing competence and with his far-reaching personal experiences to recognize my personal potentials. Through his workshop I have managed to cross the Rubicon and finally make sustainable decisions that I had been struggling with for a long time. It is noticeable that he is passionate about what he does and that has an impact on the training. I would recommend Jörn Hendrik anytime and find it enriching to now know him in my network!'

– Jennifer Steinke, Todo-List Terminator –