Leadership Program



The New Work Heroes Leadership Program will take you on a four-part learning experience. Together with other fearless leaders you will start your heroes journey to grow. Our hands-on exercises and the feedback of the group will accelerate your personal development and leader skills.

The Journey: 4 month towards

The Ultimate Leadership

You will start this four month journey by overcoming your doubts and by learning how to help others out of the abyss. What kind of leader do you want to be and what do you need to discover untapped potential? We will start with4 online meetings this month, get fired up by 1 VIP guest during our live stream and connect with your fellow heroex of the leadership program.


Dive into the discovery of your unique leadership skills and find out how to strengthen them. Metamorphose is about learning methods to identify the competencies of you and your team. You will take the careerhero test and learn about our 16 type typology to acknowledge human competencies for your leadership work and teambuilding.

The third step is all about blockers and inner dialogues. Fight your inner Antagonist. You will learn how to better handle difficulties and how to navigate your team to transformations. In the exercises you will work with the net diagram, learn about the concept of the inner team and we will have our third VIP guest in the live stream.
This is it. You have discovered new paths of leadership and are ready to become the Master of two worlds. We will connect the dots in a final glowing Retreat in Portugal. You will learn about tools from design sprints, beyond smart goal definition and you will meet our fourth VIP guest in person.

The value you gain:

Guaranteed Results

  • You will get new confidence as a leader because you understand exactly what you are leading for.
  • You will learn the rules of successful team building to effectively set up your team in your corporation.
  • You will succeed in going beyond the limits of what you thought impossible before.
  • Gain insights on leadership from an expert who has worked with executives from startups to corporations for 12 years.
  • You will find it easier to make decisions against convention because you act from inner security and strength.

PRICE: 4.400,00€

one time payment or on a monthly rate payment: 1.100,00 €


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During the last 12 month, Jörn Hendrik supported us not only in enhancing our business abilities to create new business models, products and services. He also helped us to create and strengthen a working environment, which helps people to grow. Therefore, he focused on working on personal relationships first and methods and ritu- als second, which increased as a result our customer centricity as well as our inno- vation capabilities. Within all that, Jörn Hendrik always faces people with honesty and respect. Jörn Hendrik is a great facilitator, a trustworthy coach and an energetic driver of change and innovation!

Dr. Stefan Gladbach, Yello Strom GmbH

Jörn brings in the most authentic and easiest way new focus, energy and spirit into teams by deep and trustful engagement with leaders and its team members. This allows him to introduce new thoughts and ideas to support teams when they unfold their potential to become empowered high-performing teams. When working with him, he showed high social skills to work with very culturally diverse teams - creative, collaborative and open-minded.

Anja Mehler, adidas AG

Jörn is the one bringing creative and professional solutions in projects. He faces any type of personality with openness and honesty at the same time. It was a joy to experience him as a coach and moderator in our demanding project.

Dr. Diana Buburuzan, Volkswagen AG


How exactly does the remote/present split work?

All sessions, except for the on-site workshop at the end, take place via Zoom with breakout rooms and once a month with external guests. We send out all dates via calendar invite with additional information. At regular intervals, everyone can submit feedback and questions via an online form. These will then be answered by Jörn Hendrik and sent to all participants via Loom video.

What if I cannot attend due to an important appointment?

All online sessions are available to participants as recordings at any time, so that missed content can be caught up on.

What methods are taught?

The content of New Work Heroes is based on the fundamentals of Coaching, customer-centric methods such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup and agile methods such as Scrum and scaling systems with LeSS and Remote Leadership. For example, we use exercises from Design Sprints (Design Thinking) or the Lean Canvas (Lean Startup). But no exercises require prior knowledge or prior exposure to the aforementioned methods. Through the storytelling of the heroes journey, the learning experience becomes an organic process that enables the participants to recognize connections across the methods and use it for the day to day work as a leader.

Is there a certificate or award?

Yes, we award all participants of the New Work Heroes Leadership Program with a certificate and a closing ritual in the group. No, none of this has an international standard beyond the work of New Work Heroes and your own experience. Because personal development is more important to us.

How are the groups for the leadership programme formed?

Interested parties are selected in initial personal interviews and group calls. This happens on both sides and we want to ensure the highest possible energy. Only managers who lead employees are admitted. We are always happy to receive referrals, please feel free to forward this page to acquaintances and colleagues.

How esoteric and/or ideogical does it get?

Not at all. We avoid the overly strong ideological superstructure to a method, in plurality lies the truth. And we respect the faith and spirituality of all participants, prayers and incense already exist a lot elsewhere. Jörn Hendrik supports an agnostic view to methods and ideology. The principle of the hero's journey both illustrates archetypes and allows deep insights. But we never lose self-criticism and can laugh about ourselves with you. Promised.

How deep does the coaching go and how much will I be challenged?

The decision of how deep learning experiences become is up to each participant. The invitation is there to go as deep as possible. We are as much about working with inner dialogues that hold you back from growing as we are about looking at your strengths. At no time will we cross boundaries you are not ready to cross. The more intense the coaching experience is, the better you get to know your limits.



  • 4 months Journey.
  • 11 online Sessions.
  • 1 Retreat weekend in Portugal.
  • 4 VIP guest live streams.
  • 10 additional Buddy sessions.

PRICE: 4.400,00€

one time payment or on a monthly rate payment: 1.100,00 €