Limited Edition Flash Cards from the New Work Adventure


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For each sale, €10 of this series of saying cards will be donated to the ReDI School of Digital Integration and will support children who do not have access to digital education. These limited edition Flash Cards are part of the New Work Heroes’ New Work Adventure career coaching program.

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With this limited edition of New Work Adventure Flash Cards, we're taking you on a heroes journey. All ten cards tell a coherent story and are meant to inspire you and give you strength to achieve your goals. At the same time, you're also doing something good. We donate 10€ per sold copy of this special edition to the Refugee School of Digital Integration and support the Digital Kids Program.

Offset printed on high quality 300g/sqm paper, these art cards are the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite people. The cards inspire, strengthen and also look great framed on the wall.

Additional information

Weight 0,03 kg
Dimensions 14,8 × 10,5 × 0,7 cm
About the artist

The illustrations were designed by Vidam. He is a visual artist and illustrator from
Berlin. He loves to paint crazy characters and funny scenes filled with color, love
and joy, but also pop surrealist and abstract elements. His main medium
is the wall design, but he also paints on canvas, wooden panels or creates digital
Illustrations for customers. Vidam and his works can be seen at exhibitions worldwide
and collaborates with renowned artists like the streetart crew THE WEIRD. Vidam
is Hungarian and means "happy".

About ReDI School

ReDI School of Digital Integration is a nonprofit programming school based in
Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen and Düsseldorf as well as Duisburg/Marxloh. Founded in 2015
ReDI now has over 5000 participants from 50 nations with the help of over 1000 volunteers.
Trainers:inside and 100 partner companies further trained. The name ReDI derives
from "readiness" and "digital integration". The promotion of digital knowledge and
Digital participation, even in socially disadvantaged regions, is an indispensable issue for our society.
Company. Based on this concern, the children and youth program of the
ReDI School launched, which is supported by the donation of these Flash Cards.