Podcast Episode #3

How the New Work Heroes developed a completely new personality test and have helped over 2000 people so far

A few figures: 2045 people have taken the career hero test so far. 67% women, 30% men and 3% other genders. The average age was 37, with every age group represented from 18 to 79. Every occupational group was represented, whether employees, trainees, students, CEOs, academics - the career test stopped at no one.

Through the career test, I've spent the last five years collecting a lot of data on different age groups, occupational groups, and most importantly, different career aspirations. In collaboration with Dr. Ernst Roidl, a business psychologist with a PhD, I conducted an empirical study for the New Work Heroes Arbeitsbuch published in December 2018 in which we analyzed data from a total of 2,045 participants. There was no specific professional orientation, and the more than 2,000 participants cannot be assigned to any particular occupational group. We were able to use this mix to form our initial hypotheses, which provide extremely interesting new perspectives on our professional field.

An insight into the career hypotheses

Hypothesis 1: Careerhero types, in their diversity, do not have a specific gender. The gender distribution among the 16 different career hero types is equal. There are just as many female as male founders. Here is the graphic for this:

Hypothesis 4: Women find more courage for professional freedom with increasing age. Women under 25 are more likely to go into permanent employment than self-employment. Women 50 and over are discovering the path of entrepreneurship for themselves. (Graphic in download PDF)

There are always different phases in our lives where we change professionally. At the beginning there is the start into the professional life, with all variants of training, study or self-taught self-study of an activity. After a few years of working in a professional field, we then come to a point where we can decide to work towards a promotion, questions such as "Do I become a manager?" or for example "Do I become self-employed?". Of course, part of the work of the New Work Heroes is to examine precisely these changes, to recognize patterns and to derive concrete assistance from them.

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