Coachings and programs

Shaping the leadership of the future

We help you to unfold your power and to lead purposefully.

Our coaching offers for leaders, teams and entrepreneurs are based on our experience in organizational development, facilitation and work with a variety of methods. We offer direct coaching with Jörn Hendrik and complete programs such as the Founder Coaching in three parts or the Leadership Program over four months.

1-on-1 Coaching:

Gain clarity and insight

Leadership Programm

Our latest program for executives. During this four-month coaching you will have deep experiences with like-minded people that will help you grow as a person and a leader.

founder coaching

This frequently requested coaching consists of three parts and many tools. From the business idea to the pitch deck, the New Work Heroes accompany your start-up to success.

Individual coaching:

For clarity and progress

I bring all my experience of over 15 years to my personal coaching sessions. I do not adhere to any particular method, nor do I follow any plan other than my intuition and the needs of my coachees. The result is often breakthroughs that really take you further. Personally and professionally. Shall we find out together what this can mean for you?