Invitation for the transformation

Challenges with work today:

that's what we're here for

Transformation stress

How do we cope well with the crises and challenges we face so many times today?

High pressure

Are we transforming us, our companies and the economy as a whole in a sustainable way and for the better?

Fear of missing out

Is there one method to solve our problems? What can really help us effect change now?

Our solutions:

Invitation to the Heroes Journey

For companies

Our offers for teams, whole departments or companies. No matter whether startup, medium-sized company or corporation. We develop coachings from single workshops to programs of several months together with you.

For individuals

In-depth coaching in individual sessions, with a group, or as an independent self-learning experience with our books and coaching programs.

Why the New Work Heroes exist:

Our solutions

Transformation and resilience

If we want to embrace change, we need the psychological security to do so. In transformation processes for individuals and companies it is important to create an atmosphere of change. We will guide you there step by step.

Implement methods together

From Agile to Lean and New Work, many tools and methods are currently shining brightly. We train implementation intelligence with you, which is the intuitive understanding of how abstract theories can be applied to specific situations.

Personal development

If you want to lead others, you are well advised to lead yourself first. The mastery of inner dialogues is the requirement to recognize your true potential and to be able to raise it. That is why success in transformational work for us always means inner guidance.

Founder & Coach:

Jörn Hendrik Ast


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„During the last 12 month, Jörn Hendrik supported us not only in enhancing our business abilities to create new business models, products and services. He also helped us to create and strengthen a working environment, which helps people to grow. Therefore, he focused on working on personal relationships first and methods and rituals second, which increased as a result our customer centricity as well as our innovation capabilities. Within all that, Jörn Hendrik always faces people with honesty and respect. Jörn Hendrik is a great facilitator, a trustworthy coach and an energetic driver of change and innovation!“

– Dr. Stefan Gladbach, Head of Digital Platforms / eMobility & Content Marketing, Yello Strom GmbH –

„Jörn brings in the most authentic and easiest way new focus, energy and spirit into teams by deep and trustful engagement with leaders and its team members. This allows him to introduce new thoughts and ideas to support teams when they unfold their potential to become empowered high-performing teams. When working with him, he showed high social skills to work with very culturally diverse teams - creative, collaborative and open-minded.“

– Anja Laubscher, Transformational Coaching, adidas AG –

„Jörn Hendrik was one of the Agile Coaches assigned to a VW project, where he played a critical role in supporting the setup of the MOD4 Neo project. He led two teams on Scrum and worked closely with other coaches to ensure that best practice was shared among teams and process was followed symbiotically. He is a great communicator, his skills for organization and understanding people were a perfect match. He really knows how to get people on side and is a great team player. “

– Diana Buburuzan, Program Manager, Volkswagen AG –

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