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You say: "Work is more than a job to me, I want to contribute my ideas, grow personally and make a difference.". - but you feel trapped and don't know how to get out of this situation on your own?


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It's great when you want to question and reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. You see where you come from professionally and where you can go. What are your goals? What is your next career stage and what is stopping you?

- Sören, Senior Software Engineer -

It helps! Just do it!

- Joana, Project Manager -

This workshop helps you to find out your hidden strengths and gives you a platform to talk about them with others. Through the exchange with others, you experience an enormously positive reflection of your sleeping superpowers you feel truly empowered.

- Marc, Business Coach -

It's a training that really pushes you forward. It's a lot of fun, the career hero typology is really funny and prevents it from getting too serious. The New Work Heroes start exactly where it hurts, on yourself.

- Katarina, Press and public relations work -


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As an expert on New Work, Jörn Hendrik has been developing coachings and writing books the last 10 years to help you on your career path.

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